Workout Routines Women Need at a Certain Age

Weight lifting for women may not be something you’d normally hear like you would all-female Pure Barre classes in Atlanta or somewhere else. This is because lifting weights have always been associated with the male population.

weight lifting for women

What many women don’t know is that weight lifting needs to be a part of your fitness routine at a certain age. Because as you grow older, your body changes and so should your workout routine.

In your 20s

At this age, banking on cardiovascular fitness is highly recommended. No one really knows how healthy you’ll be later in life, after all.

So lace up your running shoes and perform moderate cardio exercises for 30 minutes for 5 days a week. Make sure to include brisk walking on an incline.

For a more intense workout, perform a high-intensity exercise for 25 minutes, 3 times a week.

Another option would be to take up yoga. At an age when you are facing a lot of stressors, it is important to regulate stress responses in your body. Two sessions per week is a good start.

In your 30s

This is the age where metabolism starts to slow down, resulting in weight gain. One way to counter the decline is to add intervals to cardio workouts. Through interval training, you will continue to burn calories even after you stop exercising.

This is also the perfect time to take up weight lifting for women because your body will start to lose up to one-third of a pound of muscle for every year that passes, making you weaker as you age.

Lifting weights will help rebuild the muscles and strength you lost. But be sure not to overdo it. 8 to 12 reps will suffice.

In your 40s

When you hit the big 4-0, cells become vulnerable to damage. Any kind of exercise will protect your cells and keep them healthy.

If you live in Atlanta, opportunities to stay fit at any age is everywhere. So make it a point to enroll in weight training or cardio exercises (moderate and vigorous). For a full body workout that is less boring and more fun, enroll in the best Pure Barre classes in Atlanta.

Pure Barre mixes elements from different workout routines, such as dance, functional training, yoga, and Pilates. If you add weight lifting for women into it, you will transform your body and mind.

In your 50s

To help maintain bone density, you need to perform weight-bearing exercises like dancing, tennis, and hiking. For only 30 minutes daily, these activities will keep your bones healthy and keep you strong.

You also need exercises for your leg muscles. These include running, dancing, skipping, and jumping for 45 minutes for 3 times a week.

In your 60s and beyond

At this age, strength training is highly recommended. This may seem counterintuitive, what with the decline of strength and power as you age, but lifting weights will give your brain a lift. To counter cognitive decline, use medium-heavy weights for a 40-minute workout twice a week.

For the rest of the week, engage in light activities, such as gardening and walking.

With these in mind, enroll in a gym that offers the kind of workout routine for your age. Women Fitness Atlanta offers strength training, Pilates, ballet barre, and yoga, making it your one-stop fitness center regardless of your age.

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